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HELP International Green Technologies Volunteer Internship Program

Volunteer internships provide aggressive on-the-job training in a wide range of green technologies, appropriate technologies, modern technologies, combined with on-the-job training in logistics and performance management systems.  Though the program covers a wide range of green and modern technologies relating to forestry and recycling technologies (depending upon the season), emphasis focuses on HELP's mandate of developing and modeling several new techniques, methodologies and simple new technologies for manufacturing new products or buildings from waste, and for proliferating trees at low to zero cost 


Internships for Canadian and International volunteers are described on the International Internships program pages.


Areas of research and development are listed on the Strategic Technologies for Development pages.

Interns pay their own airfare to and from Regina, Saskatchewan. Accommodation, food and a small volunteer stipend of $5/day is provided. Certificates are presented for technologies mastered while in the program.

Applications can be sent to, or fill out the form below for more information. 



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