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>A Housing, Environmental and Livelihood Program to convert slums into high-quality, low-cost, secure, and healthy neighbourhoods. The largest focuses are low-cost housing construction, and school construction and curriculum support.
>This program organizes communities into groups of ten homes which become Home Associations. They separate their household and toilet wastes into eleven types and create micro-industries to create new products from the waste materials. The program does away with the need for sewers and municipal waste collection facilities that are beyond the capacity of many African governments to provide.
>This project is the first in Kenya to provide free indigenous and tropical fruit tree seedlings to any extended family, women's group, church or school which will plant them on river margins. HELP is training partners to harvest tree seeds and develop nurseries and is co-managing a national free tree program. The project addresses the destruction of the watershed caused by thirty million trees being harvested for cooking fuel each year in Kenya. The project also works with schools to develop more efficient and alternative fuel use.

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