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Summer Green Technology Certificate Internship

   (Summer Job for Students) 
Job Title: Environmental Field Internship Certification Program
Job Location: HELP Center for Ecology Research and Training at Queen Street City Farm, Weyburn, SK.
Job Description: Participate in fieldwork, research and ecology camp facilitation with international and Canadian interns in: tree nursery sciences, field forestry, phytoremediation, hyper production & drought resistant horticulture, recycling technologies. Become manager for one area of responsibility.  Co-lead two research projects. Become HELP certified in your top technology achievements.
   Outdoors on-the-job, hands-on environmental training, working alongside volunteer international interns from other countries and across Canada.
Work Includes:
  1. Forestry: mechanized tree planting and mulching with community landowners; tree nursery management and research.
  2. Horticulture: experimental gardens.
  3. Ecology Camps Facilitator:  train student groups in a range of environmental technologies including several innovated at HELP including floating tree nursery,  paper milling, brick making, fiberboard manufacture, composting, vermiculture plus traditional technologies.
  4. Zero Waste Industry: Assist in HELP’s start up industries in grain bag recycling, styrofoam milling,  soil production.
  5. Eco Park Maintenance and Development including construction projects.
  6. Daily Living: Eco camp/farm atmosphere; share in daily chores of cooking, cleaning and eco center yard maintenance.
Number of Positions: 6
Duration of Employment:  May 1 through August 31.
Remuneration to Intern:  $5,280 for the duration.
Costs to Intern: $2,200 for shared accommodation and food.
Education and Experience: Must be a Canadian student returning to a post-secondary institution in the fall.  This is a significantly challenging position that requires maturity, a strong work ethic, love of outdoor work, the ability to handle a steep learning curve with repeated correction, and the desire for a serious foundation in environmental programming, training and research. Only apply if you consider this demanding green internship critical to your future career. Also seeking one intern specializing in each of these areas: Patent and Trademarking; New Green Product Marketing; Writer for New Journal Publication. 
How To Apply:  Email HELP International at to request further program details and to obtain the latest 'Declaration of Intent' form. Complete the Declaration of Intent form and send it back along with an application letter giving compelling reasons why you wish to participate and why you believe you can handle this physical/mental/psychological challenge. Include your resume, two letters of reference from previous employers and a one-page personal biography showing who you are as a person.
Application Deadline: Until positions fill - applications are processed as they come in. 
HELP's recruitment includes positions for all qualified students in addition to optimizing participation of qualified First Nations, Inuit, and Metis students as well as students with disabilities.
A more detailed description of current ongoing research can be found on the 'Strategic Technologies for Development' pages.
Please refer to the description of the International Volunteer Green Technology Internship Program for a better understanding of the environment to expect at HELP.

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